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Meet Dr. Parikh: Your Expert Tutor with a Proven Track Record of Success

Dr Pakith
Dr. Parikh

With a remarkable background in education and an unwavering passion for teaching, Dr. Parikh is an exceptional tutor who brings over 16 years of solid teaching experience to students worldwide. Holding impressive academic qualifications, including a BEng, MSc, and PhD, Dr. Parikh is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide students towards excellence in their studies.

Why Choose Dr. Parikh & A One Tuition?

1. Extensive Teaching Experience

With a wealth of teaching experience spanning more than a decade, Dr. Parikh possesses a deep understanding of diverse learning needs. This enables him to tailor his tutoring approach to meet the unique requirements of each individual student.

2. DBS Certified Tutor

Your safety and security are paramount. Rest assured, Dr. Parikh is a certified DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) tutor, ensuring the highest level of professional standards and integrity.

3. Virtual Tutoring Excellence

Embracing modern technology, Dr. Parikh conducts highly effective tutoring sessions via Zoom, offering a seamless and engaging virtual learning experience for students worldwide.

4. Respected School Governor:

Beyond tutoring, Dr. Parikh’s commitment to education extends to governance. He serves as a respected governor of a school in Oxfordshire, contributing to the shaping of educational policies and fostering a conducive learning environment.

5. Impressive Success Stories

Dr. Parikh’s impact on students’ academic journeys is truly remarkable. Having successfully helped thousands of students from prestigious state and independent schools, as well as leading universities, his track record speaks volumes about his ability to inspire and drive success.

6. Accessible Support

Dr. Parikh is accessible and approachable, providing ongoing support whenever you need it. Whether it’s a quick question or a comprehensive review, he’s there to help you overcome obstacles and thrive academically.

Making a Difference

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